Latest Published Books
Diary of a Malayali Madman

by: N. Prabhakaran

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A research scholar whose notebook reveals a surreal pig farm... A psychologist in search of the truth about one of his clients... An aspiring writer who emulates Gogol... The unforgettable men and wom
Kids, Sex & Screens

by: Jillian Roberts

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Kids, Sex & Screens is Dr. Jillian Roberts' primer for parents that know they need to speak with their children about sexualized media, but don't know where to start.Our kids are being exposed to sexu
Literary Places

by: Sarah Baxter

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Inspired Traveller's Guides: Literary Places takes you on an enlightening journey through the key locations of literature's best and brightest authors, movements and moments—brought to life thro
The Stranger in My Home

by: The Stranger in My Home- Facets of a Life (retail) (epub)

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Rare must be the person who knows all about himself. In The Stranger in My Home, former US diplomat Manish Nandy offers a collection of personal stories through an extraordinary travelogue. He looks b
Vicious Minds (Children of Vice #4)

by: J.J. McAvoy

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In the end…we all lose.How well do you think you know the Callahans?Yes, I'm asking you. Because I know you've been watching. The chaos, the violence, the love, and the madness-who could look away
All Justice

by: Morgan Kelley

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It is good to be king. How does he know? He is the top of the food chain in Las Vegas. Now that Greyson Croft is back, his family is safe, and he is dealing with nothing but personal issues. Croft
Anyone But Her

by: Lisa Lace

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I lost it all when I went to prison. Now I have a new name and a chance to make a fresh start. One more job and I can leave my past behind me. I never knew I needed someone like Tammy. When she's in
Kingdom of Gods

by: F. Stone

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Year 2020, the planet has suffered catastrophic loss of humanity and land mass. Twenty seven years later, the energy crisis threatens to thrust man into the dark ages. Harsh martial law worldwide has