Latest Published Books

by: Guillermo Valcarcel

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Rare antiquities, forgery, betrayal, and murder. It's all part of the game.Antique salvager, counterfeiter, and former art forger Jota knows his newest commission pays suspiciously well, but it's too
Blurring the Line

by: Nikki Rose

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ChrisHe'd gone on countless assignments all around the world but nothing could prepare him for her. Tension is high after a cyber attack exposes the agency's personnel files to enemy hackers. Among th
Remember Me Always

by: Jen Talty

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Gunner Davidson walked away from the love of his life after tragedy stuck and he never looked back. Not even when his ex-girlfriend sent him letter after letter. He didn't open a single one. Just tuck
Whispers in Colorado

by: Milan Watson

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Will this ice queen drop her armor of frost long enough to let in the handsome vet? When Jasmine Tate returned to the Double T, she didn't expect to stay for long. She had fled as soon as she was old
When He Stays

by: A.R. Breck

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The day my Mom dies is the day my life falls apart.I'm uprooted, sent to go live with an Aunt I barely know in a completely different state.I feel lost, and broken.Until he comes.Alec.Or better known
Corrupt Savior

by: Tara Leigh

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I am a corrupt king, ruling a sinful empire.I wasn't born to the crown.Nevertheless, I wear it well.Aislinn Granville is the Crown Jewel of my empire-my queen.To my enemies, she's my Achilles heel-a p
Wild Thing

by: J.A. Huss

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Kidnapping her was the easy part. Now I've got to tame her.Runaway corporate princess, Lyssa Baylor, was born with a silver spoon in her mouth.But that's not what I'll be sticking in there.LYSSAFreela
Frisky Business

by: Lila Monroe

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Noah Hathaway is infuriatingly hot, annoyingly charming… and my new room-mate?! This pet-sitting gig was supposed to be a vacation from drama, but that was before the hunky guy in the pool-house sta
The Accursed Moor

by: Stuart G. Yates

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Across the bleak and barren moorland stalks a beast. It is an unknown thing; a creature from the darkest, most terrifying of nightmares.After Ralph accidentally runs over a deer, he decides to take th
Summer under the Stars

by: Catherine Ferguson

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The laugh-out-loud new novel from the bestselling author, perfect for fans of Sarah Morgan, Jo Watson and Holly Martin.Daisy's had a tough year. After losing her mother and struggling with a job she h