Random Books
The Seeker

by: Jamie K. Schmidt

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Rose is resentful of being kept in a gilded cage and becomes an outlaw to save rogue mages that are being executed. Bret is a bounty-hunter who vows to keep the peace between the mages and the no
A Grimm Curse

by: Janna Jennings

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"In this form you shall remain until a princess shows no disdain." Long before Andi woke up in a world that was not her own, her grandmother, Cynthia was entangled in the palace's circle of glitter an
Death of a Butterfly

by: Simon Brown

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Art teacher Amanda returns home to find her husband, Mathew, murdered. The police have no leads and the only clue is a missing photograph album. Amanda soon learns that her husband had been taking out
Dead Air

by: Iain Banks

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A couple of ice cubes, first, then the apple that really started it all. A loft apartment in London's East End; cool but doomed, demolition and redevelopment slated for the following week. Ken Nott, d
Bad Boy Prince

by: Vivian Wood

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Instruments of Darkness

by: Imogen Robertson

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Sussex, 1780. Anatomist and recluse Gabriel Crowther is reluctantly drawn into the lives of local high society when a dead body is found by impulsive, frustrated Harriet Westerman. Her lands share a
Exit Wound

by: Andy McNab

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: The breathtaking new Nick Stone thriller from the bestselling author ofBravo Two Zero. Three tons of Saddam Hussein's gold sit in an unguarded warehouse in Dubai. For two of Nick Stone's closest ex-

by: Belle Malory

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Lola Moori is hiding a secret she doesn't know she's keeping.She begins to remember someone. Someone important. His name is Gabe…and whatever they shared, she could feel that it was epic.Yet it seem