Site Updates

Site Performance

I figured out why the 404 errors were happening, I have also moved the site over to our backup server until I can find out what’s wrong with our primary server. I will update soon! »

Things Doing Better… Mostly

So things have been going well for a while but then yesterday apparently the site decided to be dumb. Sorry I didn’t catch it until tonight. I fixed the bug and we should be good! »

Regarding The Stupid Cat When Downloading

Alright I thought I had this fixed, but apparently I didn’t. I will keep looking at it and see what’s up 🙂 »

Downloads Are Working Again

You can now download books again, sorry that they were down for a few days I was migrating our file server over but didn’t notice the download issue due to our cacheing system fixing some of the bugs for the first few hours. Also we now have a blog so we can share our updates with you easier 🙂 »


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