What is Ebook Bike?

Imagine a world where authors can make money by giving digital versions of their books away to their readers, and readers could explore all sorts of books that they may have never even considered reading before. In a nutshell, this is Ebook Bike, the Ultimate Ebook Library.

Here is a passage from Cory Doctorow's Little Brother:

Neil Gaiman asked the room "Hands up in the audience if you discovered your favorite writer for free -- because someone loaned you a copy, or because someone gave it to you? Now, hands up if you found your favorite writer by walking into a store and plunking down cash." Overwhelmingly, the audience said that they'd discovered their favorite writers for free, on a loan or as a gift.

Ebook Bike embraces the idea that when a person loves an author, they become that author's biggest consumer. They see the author in person, they buy the physical copies of the book (frequently multiple, to give to friends and in different editions), and they support the author however they can.

We want to give authors even more though, so we provide analytics to authors who want them so they can learn where their users are coming from and other useful information which they can then use to target book sales, advertise, and market themselves more effectively. We also have user feedback, so authors can learn what people like and don't like in their writing.

We are in a new era for literature, we and our 1,500+ confirmed partner authors are excited about bringing change to the way people consume their books.

Setup iPhone

  1. Install Megareader
  2. Go to "Download Books"
  3. Click Edit
  4. Add https://ebook.bike/index.xml to the "Other Catalogs" section.
  5. If there is an option to select OPDS as the catalouge type, please do so. Otherwise you should be done!

*None of the developers use Apple Inc products, so if this guide can be made better, please tell us. We do not endorse Megareader, Stanza, or any other ebook app. This is here for informational purposes only.

Setup Android

  1. Install Moon+ from the Play Store on your device
  2. Open Moon+
  3. Click the "net library" link
  4. Click "Add new catalog"
  5. Type "Ebook Bike" for Catalog Name (optional)
  6. Type https://ebook.bike/index.xml for the Catalog URL
  7. Click OK and your done, Ebook Bike will be in "net library"

How do I add books to Kindle?

For Kindle Fire

  1. Install Moon+ (pro)from the Amazon App Store on your device
  2. Open Moon+
  3. Click the "net library" link
  4. Click "Ebook Bike"

You can also use other e-readers on your own, any e-reader app that supports epub can read our ebooks - you can either add our catalog (https://ebook.bike/index.xml or you can download the books from our site and load them into your e-reader)

For Other Kindles

  1. Download Calibre First
  2. Download Book From Ebook Bike
  3. Follow the guide to convert the epub for your Kindle device at Calibre's Help Website

Kobo Reader

Download epub files to your computer, and then transfer the file via USB cable to your kobo as if it was a USB Thumb Drive or other external drive.


The best way to put an epub on your nook is to visit ebook.bike from your nook browser and download the file from your device. It may also be possible to plug your nook into your computer like a USB Thumb Drive or other external drive and transfer the files that way.