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Uploads are now working, also some changes and fixes will be coming around the site which might cause various issues over the next couple weeks. »


We are going to have some brief downtime today for some upgrades. UPDATE: This is done and the upgrade seems to have gone smoothly. »

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  • Lilith Wells is a successful young black woman, and the daughter of a prominent local politician. After a bizarre first encounter, she becomes the object of obsession to a Neo-Nazi from the streets. First […]

  • The Lantern, a Renaissance mystery, is a historical novel about a modern-day woman’s search to find a girl from 15th century Florence, Italy who dared to compete with the most famous artists of the Renaissance. […]

  • Readers captivated by Near Death will eagerly devour Near Sighted, the much anticipated second book in Richard C. Hale’s riveting thriller series. Near Sighted continues the story of Jake Townsend and his mind […]

  • For Jake Townsend, the loss was shattering. And every night for the past two years, he has relived the horror of what happened. The moonless night. The piercing screams. The horrific crash. The night his wife was […]

  • There’s a violence in me.
    My name is Lincoln Delabar. I was born without a face. Yes, you heard that right. Smooth, clear skin from my forehead to my chin.I see the world differently, yet it is still a place that […]

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Step Submission

After finally being released from rehab, 22-year-old Colette DuBois falls into the custody of Kennith, her dangerous and incredibly wealthy step. As they return to the home they once shared, Colette h... »

Step Secretary

I’m not sure who I’m more angry with, my boss, or the man of the house… Of course, they’re the same guy. William, the maddeningly sexy billionaire I live with. Now I’m st... »

Step Desire

21-year-old Tasha van Buren has had a bit of a rough time lately. Following a messy divorce, the billionaire man of the house has fallen into a deep depression, forcing her to fill the role his wife l... »

Step Demands

It was so wrong, but how could I ever stop? I’d just done it, hadn’t I? It all seemed so unreal. I could still feel my step’s forbidden essense filling me to the bursting point. How ... »

Step Dancer

19-year-old Claire Jones is a spoiled brat. The man of the house is a billionaire and a bit of a control freak, but in the wake of a tragedy, he’s let her run wild. When he finally puts his foot... »

Owning Beauty

Bear Dalton is a dangerous man. His wealth, power, and confidence are overwhelming. And his dominance is intoxicating. My innocence drives him wild, and my willingness to submit to his dark desires fa... »

Fall Into Me

The British rock hard in the bedroom… I wanted a chance to let loose in Las Vegas, but waking married and pregnant in Julian Bastille’s hotel room was never part of the plan. He’s a ... »

Claiming Beauty

He calls me Beauty… Bear Dalton is a dangerous man. His wealth, power, and confidence are overwhelming. And his dominance is intoxicating. My innocence drives him wild, and my willingness to sub... »

Cherry Pie

Danielle is a woman now… An untouched, 19 year old curvy and sexy woman who never seemed to learn that curiosity kills the cat. That curiosity comes out while housesitting for her big and delici... »

The Riot

1958: Notting Hill is sweltering in a heatwave. It’s DI Stratton’s new manor and a powder keg of racial tension. A rent collector is stabbed and a series of street fights between teddy boy... »


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