Secrets of a First Daughter

by: Cassidy Calloway

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Morgan is a National Disaster. Morgan Abbott couldn't be happier. Super-cute Max has quit her Secret Service detail to be her (secret) boyfriend, and the annoying Brittany Whittaker has been ousted
Confessions of a First Daughter

by: Cassidy Calloway

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Morgan is so over being first daughter. Morgan Abbott has no social life and no privacy, and her one major talent is screwing things up. Unfortunately for Morgan, every mistake makes front page headli

by: Shelley Harris

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One day can change your life... ****It's 1977, the day of the Queen's Silver Jubilee, when a photographer captures a moment forever: a festive street party with bunting and Union Jacks fluttering i
The Christmas Bargain

by: Shanna Hatfield

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Luke Granger is about to get more than he bargained for...As owner and manager of the Hardman bank, Luke Granger is a man of responsibility and integrity in the small 1890s Eastern Oregon town. Callin
Laughing at My Nightmare

by: Shane Burcaw

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With acerbic wit and a hilarious voice, Shane Burcaw's Laughing at My Nightmare describes the challenges he faces as a twenty-one-year-old with spinal muscular atrophy. From awkward handshakes to h
Kiss Me Hard Before You Go

by: Shannon McCrimmon

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Every summer, Gray Barnes and his eighteen-year-old daughter, Evie, open up their farm in the foothills of South Carolina to Kip Kierkin's Carnival of Wonder. The carnival attracts hordes of locals an
The Juliette Society

by: Sasha Grey

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Before we go any further, let's get this out of the way; I want you to do three things for me. One. Do not be offended by anything you read beyond this point. Two. Leave your inhibitions at the door.

by: Harlan Coben

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FromAlong with his Myron Bolitar series, Coben's stand-alone novels have cemented his reputation as a solid writer and a relentless plotter of high-octane entertainment. "I'm pretty sure it all worked
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Sausages

by: Tom Holt

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SUMMARY:Polly is a real estate solicitor. She is also losing her mind. Someone keeps drinking her coffee. And talking to her clients. And doing her job. And when she goes to the dry cleaner's to pick

by: Steven Brust

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SUMMARY:Once, Vlad Taltos knew his trade: he killed people for a living. That skill got him his foothold in House Jhereg, running the rackets for a chunk of urban Adrilankha. Later things happened, le