My Mother's Secret

by: Sheila O'Flanagan

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When Steffie helps her two siblings organize a surprise wedding anniversary party for their parents her only worry is whether they'll be pleased. What she doesn't know is this is the day that her whol
Herald of the Storm

by: Richard Ford

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Welcome to Steelhaven...Under the reign of King Cael the Uniter, this vast cityport on the southern coast has for years been a symbol of strength, maintaining an uneasy peace throughout the Free State
From the Heart

by: Sheila O'Flanagan

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 From the Heart reveals the unexpected tales that lie beneath the surface of every-day lives, through a memorable cast of characters all in search of their own happy endings. A hot date gets off to a

by: Salinger, Jerome David

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RESUME:L'histoire d'une fugue, celle d'un garcon de la bourgeoisie new-yorkaise chasse de son college trois jours avant Noel, qui n'ose pas rentrer chez lui et affronter ses parents. Trois jours de va
Gagner La Guerre

by: Jean-Philippe Jaworski

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" Gagner une guerre, c'est bien joli, mais quand il faut partager le butin entre les vainqueurs, et quand ces triomphateurs sont des nobles pourris d'orgueil et d'ambition, le coup de grace inflige a
Tom's Midnight Garden

by: Philippa Pearce

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When Tom is sent to stay at his aunt and uncle's house for the summer, he resigns himself to endless weeks of boredom. As he lies awake in his bed he hears the grandfather clock downstairs strike . .
Tender Triumph

by: Judith McNaught

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On Friday, a sensuous stranger entered Katie's life. By Sunday, her world would never be the same... Stunning Katie Connelly submerged her painful past in a promising career, an elegant apartment, and
The Antenatal Group

by: Amy Bratley

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Seven months pregnant, Mel is dumped by her partner and is suddenly facing parenthood alone. But at her antenatal class, she meets a group of women who quickly become invaluable friends in the terrify
Big Spankable Asses

by: Lisa G Riley

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When three Chicago girlfriends find they aren't getting any, they get serious. They want men who know their way around a woman's body - and how to provide the ultimate in stimulating pleasure. 'Fienin
The Good Mayor

by: Andrew Nicoll

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With the expertise of a seasoned writer, Nicoll spins a whimsical love story in his debut novel. Tibo Krovic has been the mayor of Dot, a small town in an unnamed country on the Baltic Sea, for 20 yea