The Hollow City

by: Dan Wells

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Dan Wells won instant acclaim for his three-novel debut about the adventures of John Wayne Cleaver, a heroic young man who is a potential serial killer. All who read the trilogy were struck by the dis
The Guild of Fallen Clowns

by: Francis Xavier

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The Haunted Labyrinth of Mirrors was just your average walk-through carnival attraction to most of its visitors. However, for Alan, lurking behind the surface of the mirrored walls was the home of Pee
Box of Darkness

by: William Todd Rose

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From the dark and twisted imagination of author William Todd Rose comes a mini-collection of stories which gives readers a unique peek into the mind of the writer The Google+ Insider's Guide named as
Detuned Radio

by: Liam R.W. Doyle

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A dark tale following a day in the life, inside the deteriorating mind, of a man becoming a living dead. This 3,000-word story is also found in the collection: First Hand of the Night: Five Early Sto
Into That Darkness

by: Steven Price

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Acclaimed Canadian poet Steven Price has conjured a stunning debut novel that marks the arrival of an exceptionally talented young writer. Set in the city of Victoria, British Columbia, Into That Dark
Christmas With the Boss

by: Annie Seaton

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Jilly Henderson was looking forward to a week of bliss at the beach: alone, no work and no one to bother her. The last thing she expected was to find her hunky boss holidaying in the beach shack next
The Gift of Illusion

by: Richard Brown

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Something wicked has returned to Elmwood, and it longs to continue the study it began over a century ago. It's looking for volunteers, but few seem worthy of the gift. Isaac Winters might be the
The Fifth Child

by: Doris Lessing

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Doris Lessing's contemporary gothic horror story-centered on the birth of a baby who seems less than human-probes society's unwillingness to recognize its own brutality.Harriet and David Lovatt, paren
A Stir of Echoes

by: Richard Matheson

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Tom Wallace lived an ordinary life, until a chance event awakened psychic abilities he never knew he possessed. Now he's hearing the private thoughts of the people around him-and learning shocking sec
A Soft, Barren Aftershock

by: F Paul Wilson

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I created this eBook to gather as many of F. Paul Wilson's short stories and novellas as possible. All the stories contained within this exhaustive collection were either scanned by me from origin