Savage Run

by: C. J. Box

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Box's second novel offers more graceful writing than his overhyped debut, Open Season (2001), along with a little humor and a more fluid plot line. Wyoming Game Warden Joe Picket is still fallible, hi
The Heroes' Welcome

by: Louisa Young

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'If you read one novel about the effects of the First World War this year, make it this one' The Times The Heroes' Welcome is the breathtaking sequel to the bestselling R&J pick My Dear, I Wanted

by: Louisa Young

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Louisa Young's Devotion is a novel of family, love, race and politics set during the electric change of the 1930s. Tom loves Nenna. Nenna loves her father. Her father loves Mussolini. Ideals and convi

by: Jane Green

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On the heels of her three runaway hits, Bookends, Mr. Maybe, and Jemima J, Jane Green delivers a sparkling, sexy tale about the complexities of modern motherly love. Bestselling author Jane Green has
The New Me

by: Halle Butler

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Thirty-year-old Millie just can't pull it together. She spends her days working a thankless temp job and her nights alone in her apartment, fixating on all the ways she might change her situation--her
Little Altars Everywhere

by: Rebecca Wells

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The lineage of Wells's first novel can be traced directly to the "adult children" literature that has gained popularity in recent years. "I have one main rule for myself these days: Don't hit the baby
Palisades Park

by: Alan Brennert

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Bestseller Alan Brennert's spellbinding story about a family of dreamers and their lives within the legendary Palisades Amusement ParkGrowing up in the 1930s, there is no more magical place than Pal
The Invisible Bridge

by: Julie Orringer

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Julie Orringer's astonishing first novel, eagerly awaited since the publication of her heralded best-selling short-story collection, How to Breathe Underwater ("fiercely beautiful"-The New York Times;

by: Nicola Griffith

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The steely shell of Nicola Griffith's seemingly indomitable protagonist Aud Torvingen appears to be cracking. The six-foot-tall fury (who proved in *The Blue Place* and *Stay* that she can kill you a

by: Philip Caputo

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From the acclaimed author of "Acts of Faith" ("A miracle . . . You can hardly conceive of a more affecting reading experience"--"Houston Chronicle"), a blistering new novel about the brutality and bea