The Last Girl

by: Joe Hart

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A mysterious worldwide epidemic reduces the birthrate of female infants from 50 percent to less than 1 percent. Medical science and governments around the world scramble in an effort to solve the prob
Proposals and Poison

by: Rachelle J. Christensen

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Love can be a very dangerous thing. At least it seems that way to Adri Pyper, the premier wedding planner in Sun Valley, Idaho. When one of her clients dies mysteriously, Adri takes the advice of
Evidence in the Echinacea

by: Dale Mayer

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Doreen's success at solving murders has hit the newswires across the country, but all Doreen wants is to be left alone. She has antiques to get to the auction house and a relationship with Corporal Ma
Washed Away

by: Jack Parker

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Alexa Graham has secrets. Alexa Graham finds a dead body in a creek near her friend's house. She has seen this man before, but where she can't quite place. But as she tries to follow the clues to th
Reel to Real

by: Joyce Nance

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No one was supposed to get hurt. But in March 1996, the robbery of a Hollywood Video store went horribly wrong, ending in a hail of gunfire and the worst mass murder in the history of Albuquerque, New
The Goodbye Kiss

by: Massimo Carlotto

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An unscrupulous womanizer, as devoid of morals as he once was full of idealistic fervor, returns to Italy where he is wanted for a series of political crimes. To avoid prison he sells out his old frie
The Gift of Illusion

by: Richard Brown

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Something wicked has returned to Elmwood, and it longs to continue the study it began over a century ago. It's looking for volunteers, but few seem worthy of the gift. Isaac Winters might be the
Otherwise Engaged

by: Amanda Quick

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Miss Amity Doncaster, world traveler, is accustomed to adventure and risk. Benedict Stanbridge, a man of science and a spy for the Crown, has faced danger in the darker corners of foreign lands.

by: Ken Follett

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As a Christmas Eve blizzard whips out of the north, several people converge on a remote family house. As the storm worsens, the emotional sparks-jealousies, distrust, sexual attraction, rivalries-crac
The Man from St. Petersburg

by: Ken Follett

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 His name was Feliks. He came to London to commit a murder that would change history. A master manipulator, he had many weapons at his command, but against him were ranged the whole of the English po